Introducing Hot Swap


Machine Before


Machine After

The Hot Swap program is a unique opportunity for our customers to have machinery refurbished through us without risking production downtime.

Machines will be billed at an inexpensive monthly rate, much more cost effective than the downtime and labor costs associated with such a project.

Here is a streamlined process map:

  • We build a machine to your required specifications.
  • We send the machine to you.
  • You remove the machine it is replacing and install the newly received machine from us.
  • Send us the machine and we rebuild it to your requirements.
  • We send your machine back to you.
  • You decide whether to send us ours back.
  • OR

  • You decide to keep it. Rental fees can then be taken out of the overall purchase price!

Benefits of this include:

  • Virtually zero downtime.
  • Saving of employee time to reconfigure/rebuild the machine in-house.
  • Access to expertise only found at Kamber to help support you through the process.