Over the last decade the entire team at Kamber have been great in supporting our needs in refurbished machinery at Stretchline. The service is always professional and they always react extremely efficiently. We have also utilized their talented team to train our mechanics globally and it’s been extremely valuable. The knowledge and skills of the Kamber team in second to none.
Anthony Colley

We recently decided to add a large format rapier loom to compliment our Airjet looms. After much searching we found Kamber’s pricing was in line with what we had found overseas and being in the US and having experienced knowledgeable technicians they were able to offer support other brokers couldn’t. We purchased the machine just before the Covid-19 crisis so we were unable to get a technician on site to do the install however their technicians made themselves available to us via phone and video chat to help us through the set up of our new machine. They were great helping us through the whole setup and made sure we had everything we needed to get it up and going. Will definitely be looking to them first for any future used equipment needs.
Eric Williquette
Wovin Brands

We had some looms that really needed to be worked on. After an internal analysis, we decided to work with Kamber on refurbishing eight of our looms. They gave us a specification sheet and took the time to review with us every detail that needed to be completed. We sent them two looms at a time and they let us know what was happening every step of the way. When we received the looms, everything was completed to specification and the looms are running great!! We have gained at least 20% productivity and the looms do not break down. We are very pleased and highly recommend using Kamber for any refurbishing project.
Chuck Moore, Director of Operations

Bob MacKenzie and John Mulready of Leedon Webbing in Central Falls, RI reported a 20% increase in productivity with two fewer spaces after a rebuild!
Bob MacKenzie and John Mulready
Leedon Webbing

Mike Tremblay, Director of Manufacturing Services at Velcro Companies, agreed to share their story. Velcro Companies uses machines of various ages, some newer and some older, for many of the products they manufacture. Besides routine maintenance and standard upkeep, a full refurbishment is scheduled at designated intervals to ensure optimal performance. “Outsourcing the refurbishment to a qualified company such as Kamber Narrow Fabric Machinery allows our maintenance team to focus more on the daily operations and routine maintenance to keep our operations more productive.” He estimates they gained approximately 20% increased output on the first two machines we refurbished for them. As Mr. Tremblay remarked to us when we asked for permission to share his story, Velcro Companies also benefited from reduced downtime, repair time and parts as well as improved product output quality.
Mike Tremblay, Director of Manufacturing Services