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Machinery and equipment appraisals

KNFM offers an international narrow fabric machinery appraisal service in its portfolio. With decades of experience in this specialized segment of the textile industry KNFM is the number one company to perform this function worldwide.

We offer a professional service and independent valuation for all sizes of enterprise. Our associates are of the highest caliber in this field and our appraisals meet and exceed the requirements of:

  • The banking industry
  • Insurance
  • Acquisitions and mergers
  • Liquidations
  • Financial reporting

Jakob Mueller Equipment Reconditioning Service

Our Jakob Mueller loom and knitter rebuilding program is our flagship service. Our Jakob Mueller-Frick trained engineers are of the highest caliber and have in depth knowledge of the numerous JMF machine types.

There are two options available to the customer, these are:

  1. Clean and complete: No warranty
  2. Fully reconditioned: Comes with FULL 1 year warranty

Highest Quality Spare Parts

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OEM (original equipment manufacturers) parts are critical to machine performance, we therefore only use OEM parts on our machines.

The established and documented reliability of Jakob Mueller parts and components is critical to machine performance. All our Jakob Mueller machines are equipped with OEM parts ordered direct from the Jakob Mueller group.

Our own internal quality requirements ensure you get a machine that performs as good as a new machine but without the new sticker cost.