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The push to modernize an aged industry

June 14, 2021
Photo by Markus Winkler on Unsplash

Kamber, traditionally known as the place to buy high quality refurbished machines has been undergoing the process of continuous yet drastic improvements in almost all areas. Some of this process has been documented through social media updates and posts, whereas others have been more obscure.

In an industry where the underlying principles have remained relatively stagnant since their invention hundreds of years ago, its supporting technologies have become paramount for achieving increased quality and efficiency.

Many have focused on the technology surrounding the design of the machines such as progressing from binary hole-punched card systems to electronic jacquard heads. At Kamber we have focused on things relevant to us such as how we manage customers, sales cycles, and process efficiencies.

Bringing machines in to the 21st century

While we may not offer redesign or development of machines, we have endeavoured to improve their capabilities beyond what the OEM originally offered. By teaming up with companies such as BTSR who offer impressive, automated feeder units among a variety of other items, Kamber has been able to offer machines which are incredibly efficient and consistent in their production.

Covid-related changes

In light of the pandemic, we needed to make a whole host of changes to keep our staff and potential visitors safe. This was the perfect storm as with many companies to use the Microsoft Teams service. While many may consider its use impersonal or less effective, for us it has allowed a much more efficient and safe alternative to internal meetings. Previously held in a small conference room now we can include staff who are out on trips, while others simply remain at their desks with the added capability of sharing spreadsheets and PowerPoints. A truly positive change which provided immediate, lasting benefits.

Digital efficiency (Save the planet!)

Always looking to improve, we noted a tremendous amount of paper was used during the majority of our administrative processes. Not only is this costly in both financial and environmental terms, but it was also inefficient. New exploration of software which enables us to utilise electronic signatures rather than the printing and reprinting of contract drafts has already proven fruitful.

Unfortunately, the sales cycle in the machine rebuild industry is often boom or bust in nature. This can make it very difficult to track and monitor an overload of sudden interested parties and also each individual needs. Software such as Salesforce has enabled us to contain a very user-friendly database with easy access to the latest data. To further compliment this our team is currently in early testing of software such as Trello for managing projects and Slack for potentially eradicating an overload of internal emails.

Website 2.0

If you’re here reading this, you have probably already played around on our new website (which we are extremely proud of!). Newly designed to offer speed and easy navigation to truly meet your needs! The real superstar here is the customize your machine ability which has been exceptionally well received! This may not have been possible just a few years ago and we are certain doesn’t exist anywhere else within the industry.

Change is an ever-constant in business and those which do not fully embrace this eventually get left behind. While nobody could ever predict the truly colossal impact COVID-19 would have on the world, it is now clear that our proactive approach to advancing internal technologies was critical to our survival.